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about me:
I love good
stories, good coffee
& my good God

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/// Hello My name is…


Hey y’all! I’m Hannah and it’s amazing getting to meet you! I’m a writer, story addict, and Bible study gypsy. I love Salty Sweet Boom Chicka Pop, double dirty chai’s, Gilmore Girls, and helping women embrace their imperfections as strengths! When I’m not creating with words, you can find me painting and Netflix binging with my family!

I’ve always struggled with friendship and fitting in. In the 5th grade, I hit rock bottom and came close to taking my own life, but I met Jesus. Writing had been a passion, but it became my life-line helping me to express my emotions, wrestle with the Bible, and get to know Jesus. I still wanted friends and decided to become who I thought others wanted me to be. I felt accepted, but I lost myself. I continued to write and question everything about life—friendship, boys, church, who God is, what God says, what Christians say.

Everything came crashing down the day my Nana died. I faced criticism when I decided to listen to what I needed and take care of my emotional health. I found what I was looking for through recovery. I broke away from Christianity and embraced the relationship. I was welcomed without judgment. Today I still struggle with friendship, wrestle with Jesus, and fight to live in relationship not religion. But, I know that others struggle just as I do. We are all hot messes, but Jesus loves and accepts us completely.

Okay Gypsy is me encouraging, supporting, and sharing truth for the journey. No judgment. You are always welcome here. We need each other.


/// Adapted from J.r.r Tolkien:

Not all who wander and wonder are lost.

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