Always Enough/Never Too Much: Devotional Review

"Jesus is the end to loneliness in our hearts."- Hayley 
from Even When You Don't Have Enough Friends devotional

For every woman who has never felt enough for this world. For every girl who has felt like she is too much for the people around her. For every comparison that has left you feeling diminished. Every comment that has left you hiding in the shadows of your life. For every girl that is feeling trapped, alone, and stuck between the pull and tug of not being enough and being too much. Jess and Haley have written 100 devotionals that unlock the chains of comparison and knock down the doors of prison cells, so that you can start living your one wild and free life. 

Anyone who has read Jess and Haley’s first book, Wild and Free, is in for a treat. This devotional is a flip book, with all new content. There are 50 devotionals on being Always Enough and 50 on being Never Too Much. A total of 100 devotionals that speak to a wide variety of insecurities, comparisons, and lies that women have taken in as truth about who they are. Through scripture and bold encouragement Jess and Haley do not hold back in speaking life into the numb places. This is a great resource when you are craving truth in a web of lies, but also to encourage and build up the girlfriends around you. I may not be struggling with Not Feeling Smart, but my girlfriend is; I can turn to the resource and be directed to scripture and words to build her up when she is down. Always Enough/NeverToo Much is not just for you, but it is for all the hers in your life.

- Hannah