Come Matter Here: Review

We all want to matter. We all want to be known and desire to know others. We are hungry and we hurt at the same time. Hannah Brencher has a poetic and relatable way of piercing the marrow of a persons spirit. Come Matter Here is not just her story, but our story. Through her wit and wisdom Hannah shares her real journey through depression, fear, and trying to find acceptance and how all of the lies can be shattered, if we just stop running and stay. When we stay we start showing up in the life before us, instead of searching for a better version of what has already been given to us. Staying and showing up not only in our lives, but in our relationships leads to the discovery that Jesus is the best thing. He is the source of a love that will shatter all our fears. Come Matter Here is one of the most honest and relatable books I have read since Hannah’s first book. 

I have laughed, and I have cried in these pages. I have underlined and bracketed more than any other book I have reviewed or read this year. Hannah’s words cut through me and felt like they were my stories spoken back to me. I connected and am convicted by Come Matter Here. I have a fear struggle that is real. I can’t ignore fear or the fact that it has run my life more than God has. I accepted Christ’s salvation, but surrendered the keys to my heart and life into the hands of fear. Hannah relates, and I relate to her story. I am so thankful that she is alive and writing real and I think you will be too. As I live my own life and face impending changes, I pray that I don’t live believing that I do not matter where I am. I have always mattered and so do you. We do not have to wait to be included or for opportunity, because we already have it and we always have. Love is not in how many followers or coffee dates we have. Love is found in staying. Love grows when we invest. Love shows up and keeps showing up no matter the story or what your life looks like. I met Jesus in these pages, his outstretched hand asking me to come in, because I have always mattered within His story. You matter in His story. We matter to Jesus and this life.

- Hannah

I received a free copy of this book to read from the publisher, in exchange for my honest thoughts. I am not affiliated with Amazon, the link is for your convenience.