Just Let Go: Review

*Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh is available for Pre-Order and will be available June 5th.

Quinn Collins is a small-town girl who has never left the comforts of Harbor Pointe. Buying the local flower shop is just one part of her grand plan to prove to the mother who abandoned her that she is worth knowing. Grandy Benson is an Olympic skier whose rebellious attitude on and off the slopes leads to him being sentenced to community service in Harbor Pointe at Quinn’s shop. With Quinn’s dreams on the line she does not need a wild card like Grandy ruining her chance to make her mother notice her. Two people from completely different life circumstances not only have to learn how to work together, but how to let go of what was and cling to what is before them. Courtney Walsh has created a beautiful town wrapped in surrender, forgiveness, and love that is impossible to resist. 

I have read plenty of stand-alone “Hallmark” like books that have the right amount of charm and love stories that leave me swooning, but are wildly predictable and forgettable. Just Let Go has all the charm of one of those movies, but it is anything but predictable. There is nothing forgettable about the power of surrender in someone’s life. Letting go is hard to do, especially when the motivation is rooted in a desire to be loved, seen, and forgiven by the ones that matter most. Courtney captured the emotional struggle beautifully within these pages and left me challenged to just let go in my own life. The story flows beautifully and the characters are some of the most authentic that I have encountered, but what I walked away with at the end of the story will be everlasting. 

Just Let Go is a great summer read and would make a beautiful gift for the fiction readers in your life. I was pleasantly surprised by what this novel had to offer, and I hope you will be too as you visit with Quinn and Grandy in Harbor Pointe. 

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