"I have become its servant, according to God’s commission that was given to me for you, to make the word of God fully known, the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints." 
Colossians 1:25-26
In my free time I read and promote books from authors that have encouraged and spoken truth into my life. Books that I think will encourage the community around me. Through book promoting and my college courses, I have learned a lot about advertising and promotions. When and how often to post are key in having a successful book launch. The more people hear about a book, its message, and a personal testimony the more likely it is to be successful on the market.  

I enjoy promoting other people in my life, especially if their work has deeply impacted my life. But, it is awkward for me to promote what I believe.

Jesus has deeply impacted my life. Dying on the cross for my sins is the powerful start of my love for Him. But it is all the ways Christ showers me with grace and makes himself known to me that keep me turning to Him daily. 

Promoting, sharing about Jesus is hard. It is popular to say "I love Jesus", but the coin is flipped when people see that you are trying to obey Him in everything you do. It is easy to share pretty books that point to Jesus, but hard to get real about Him in real life. I know it is hard, because it is hard for me. 

It is easy to promote and celebrate something for a moment in time, but it is difficult to hold the banner of God’s love over my life. Proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness with all the days of my life, when my selfishness wants the light on myself  or when I am scared about labels and perceptions in this divided world is not easy. Confrontation does scare me especially when words are not the only weapons on the table. 

But here is the thing, the more people hear about Jesus the more His name is spread. The more we proclaim what God has done in our lives, the more His glory shines. The more we speak up and share the Word of God, the more truth is spread. It does not mean people will agree or believe, that is not the goal. I do not need people to agree with my faith or trust Jesus to feel accomplished. Agreement feeds my own selfishness. Belief is and always will be a personal decision that every individual makes. 

My aim, my one big goal with my life, story, all that I create, write, and do with my days is to make Jesus known. Not to be “super holy” for some check list, but to share Jesus with you. God and His Word are the best of this life. I truly believe that. 

I read and promote a lot of books that point to Jesus, but the longest "launch team" I will ever be a part of is Jesus Christ himself. I want you know Him, but all I ask is that you listen, consider the life of Jesus, and the impact He can make on your life; because He has forever changed mine. 

- Hannah