To The Daughters of Mothers

Happy Mother's day to all the mother's...natural, adopted, and spiritual. Today I am celebrating my mom and all the other mother's who have loved me well.

She is tired.
She is worn.
She is bruised.
She is torn.
She is a person,
Just as she was before you.

She is a girl with dreams.
She is a woman with passion.
She has a fire burning within her,
A fire that burns for you,
Who you are becoming
And who you are today.

She may not always show it well,
But she loves you.
But you are not her life.
You are piece of it, not all of
Who she is,
Who she is becoming.

Dear daughter your mother
Is just like you,
And someone entirely different on her own.

You are tired.
You are worn.
You are bruised.
You are torn.
You are a person,
Just as she was before you.

Love her well.