Holy Hustle: Review

Hustle is what the world is all about. Work hard, get noticed, keep working, and you will eventually be the best. Once you have worked your way to the top you have to hustle to remain there. Hustle to make it and hustle to remain. Pursuing what we have been given to do and taking time to step back and refresh is hard in a world that is constantly hitting refresh, where content streams faster than one can possibly keep up with. The work hard life is exhausting, but spending the days lounging around is boring. How do we find this coveted “holy hustle” this balance between working for God’s glory and rest? Crystal knows this struggle well. She has struggled with it in every job she has found herself in. The struggle is real in corporate America and in working from home. Through lessons she has learned and resting in truth Crystal has found that Holy Hustle is not only achievable, but it is what we are called to as children of God. This book is for the striver, server, dreamer, doer, cautious heart, and restless spirit. We can both work with purpose for a purpose and take the time to care for ourselves. 

I did not want to put this one down. This is a rare feeling that has only happened a handful of times in my literary journey. I have read many books on working passionately for Christ and books on soul care, but this is the first book I have encountered that puts the two together. Crystal sees the value of both work and rest and that we need them in our lives; it is not an either/or situation is a both/and way of life. I struggle with this concept and living it out in my life. Crystal’s welcoming words have helped me see the importance of checking in with God every step of the way and not making up my own way when it comes to using and pursuing the passions and gifts He gave me. This book overflows with captivating thoughts and Bible study breaks that have both inspired and challenged me in my own desire to live out what I have been given, while living in the presence of God. Crystal has flipped the script on the “hustle” life and welcomes us into the “holy hustle” of living fully.

I did not want this book to end, so it will now be added to my yearly book list. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone that struggles, the way I do, with work and rest. This is an excellent book for a summer study with your girlfriends. 

- Hannah