How To Be A Perfect Christian: Review

(This book is completely and fully Christian satire and so is the majority of my review.) 

Becoming a perfect Christian is not for the faint at heart. It takes a lot of work to maintain one’s salvation in a world filled with heathens. From finding the right mega church for you and how to boost your online presence for the glory of God, the Babylon Bee’s guide to How To Be A Perfect Christian is here to help you achieve righteousness without any major lifting; except when you are carrying your mega fat two-ton study Bible of the Ryrie or MacArthur variety. Perfection is not as unattainable as you might have been taught in your less than satisfactory one site church. It is easy to achieve the highest level of righteousness and holy living all you have to do is focus on yourself and do everything in your power to appear as ordained by God as possible. Appearances and the words you speak  are everything, stay the path with the Babylon Bee and you will be right on track to becoming like Jesus himself; perfect and holy in every social media post, church appearance, and battle against the holy war of democratic culture. 

I enjoyed this guide to becoming a perfect Christian. I was disappointed that the Babylon Bee guys did not include instruction on how to distress your Bible to make it appear worn in. I want to achieve the “super holy” Instagram/Facebook post of my quite time, but without the worn in Bible my holiness points will go down. I need those tips. I was surprised at how well I am doing in achieving perfection. The Holiness Progress Tracker 5000 has helped me stay on track and keep tabs on my goals. I highly recommend picking up this book if you are feeling stale and lost in your Christian walk. It is hard for me to figure out what God is saying and feel His presence, but the Babylon Bee showed me that it is all about how I perceive the scriptures. My understanding of what God is saying comes through looking around at the Christian culture and making it up for myself. There is no need for work, when the culture does it for you; that is what the church and the pastors are for. We tithe for a reason. I hope you grab yourself a copy, because without this guide I would not be at the level of sanctification I am now. I am thankful for the Babylon Bee. 

I hope you enjoy this laugh filled book. As I laughed through each chapter I had to take a hard look at my own beliefs and what I am shining a light on in my life. Am I pointing to Christ or to my own works? Am I accepting God’s grace or am I striving for perfection by my own merit? This would make a great gift for any easy going laugh-ready Christian in your life. An awesome pastor appreciation gift.

- Hannah

I received my copy of How To Be A Perfect Christian from WaterBrook & Multnomah in exchange for my honest review. I am not affiliated with Amazon, the link if for your convenience.