To the Moon and the 20’s in 27 Days

This was a beautiful week of reading. Each of these stories reminded me that loss needs to be grieved, life is short, and the best life is one lived in love. I am thankful for these authors and their brave words. Happy Reading!

To The Moon And Back by Karen Kingsbury 
All Ashley Baxter Blake wants to do is give her niece what she has been hoping for, but instead she is drawn to a letter that some handsome stranger leaves at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial. The letter is the beginning of helping Brady Bradshaw find the girl that captured his heart at the memorial over a decade ago and the beginning of surrender. To The Moon and Back is a story of love, obedience, hope, and surrender; nothing and no one is to far away to be redeemed by Christ. 

I am a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury. When a new release comes, I take off the day to read, drink coffee, and find some refreshment. To The Moon and Back is the fourth, and my favorite, Baxter Family novel. I was reminded that tragedy does not end after an event, it stays with you. There is a distinct before and after that gives each of us an opportunity to choose. Will we let tragedy define us, or will we let it make us stronger on the other side of grieving? To The Moon and Back was a beautiful and heartwarming read, that I think will encourage and soften your heart towards tragedy. 

The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill

Lydia has vanished, and Piper is left wondering if her best friend ran away for love or if her parent’s pride in appearances is to blame. Set in the 20’s, The Lost Girl of Astor Street is a beautifully written historical whodunit, about a girl, who does not fit the mold of womanhood, standing up for her friend no matter what the cost.  Through twists, turns and love Piper finds the truth about Lydia and discovers that being herself is the best way to be. 

I love mysteries, but I am not a huge fan of period pieces. They are usually to dry and bland in tone for my taste. However, I learned that I am a huge fan of the 20’s. It’s a time in history when a lot of boundaries were being dismantled for women, getting married was no longer the only option for success and value in a girl’s life. For my first period piece mystery read, The Lost Girl of Astor Street was a success. Piper is the 20’s version of  Mars, she is snarky and lovable. The Lost Girl of Astor Street is a beautifully written book. I hope you will enjoy a trip back to the roaring 20’s. 

In 27 Days by Alison Gervais 

Hadley is shocked to hear that one of her classmates has killed himself. Hadley didn’t know Archer, but wishes she had. At the funeral she meets Death and makes a deal; she has 27 days to try to save Archer’s life. In the process, Hadley learns that everything is not what it seems to be and everyone needs a friend. 

I was touched by this story. Suicide is one of the top cause of death in the United States and has spiked more than 30%. The majority of those who die of suicide are not suffering from mental illness, but are suffering in other areas, like relationships or financially. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes of people’s lives. Archer has seen some hard stuff in his life, while trying to carry the weight of his family. Hadley gets a second chance to see him and love him where he is, we don’t have that power; we only have today. In 27 Days is a powerful story, but a stronger reminder that we all need friendship and love. 

- Hannah