13 Days In Ferguson: Review

13 Days In Ferguson

Coming August 7th! 13 Days In Ferguson by Captain Ronald Johnson 

13 Days In Ferguson Cover

Everyone remembers Ferguson in one way or another. They remember Michael Brown. They remember the riots. They remember the chaos witnessed as an outside observer through screens, news stories, and opinions. Captain Ron Johnson remembers these things, but in a way the rest of the country cannot relate to. He was there. Five days after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the riots began pouring through the streets, Captain Johnson was charged with the task of restoring peace between the African American community and local police. He did this by doing the unthinkable: He took off his bulletproof vest and walked with the protesters. Captain Johnson sees things from both sides, because he is on both sides. 13 Days In Ferguson, his story from his viewpoint on those turbulent days he spent stabilizing the city of Ferguson, and the extraordinary impact those two weeks had on his faith, leadership, and his perception on the most viable solution to the issues of racism and prejudice in America. 

I like many saw the news, it flashed across my screens. Michael Brown was shot, and Ferguson was in chaos. But, like many from the outside looking in all I saw was the political slants, I did not see the humanity behind the news feeds. I checked out when it came to Ferguson and what I was hearing on the news. It is hard to see it when you are not physically in it. Captain Johnson was in it and his story, the story of Ferguson, is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Racism and bias exist on both sides of the fence. We all struggle with it, in one way or another. We make assumptions about people without seeing them as people. We see their economic status, the color of their skin, or the way they look at us and get hyped up on assumptions. I see it in myself. If you too only saw politics, instead of humanity, during those 13 days and beyond, I highly recommend Captain Johnson’s story. 13 Days in Ferguson is written with a vulnerability, honesty, and human perspective that has encouraged me to see and hear the people in front of me and reach out to them always. 

- Hannah

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