Battle Ready: Review

Kelly Balarie is back with her second book Battle Ready, train your mind to conquer challenges, defeat doubt, and live victoriously. This book is jam-packed with fierce, honest, and applicable encouragement to step up every day in Christ and live in truth. Through 12 mind-sets, including Possibility, Simplicity, and Identity, Kelly walks you through putting down lies, picking up truth, and living it out. Kelly has also provided reflection questions for personal and group study at the end of every chapter; along with a free resource to go along with each mindset. Battle Ready is about living in the freedom Christ died for; believing and living the words we as believers speak to others, but have a hard time embracing for ourselves. With so much valuable information and a wide variety of mind-sets covered, this book is not a once and done resource; it is a Bible study companion.

I didn’t connect with every mind-set Kelly covers in this book and she likes it that way. Just because I couldn’t connect with the first two chapters, doesn’t mean the book isn’t for me, I’m just not weak in that area right now. God is showing me, through Battle Ready, that a partial truth is till a partial lie. The words I let into my heart, mind, and life affect my ability to live in freedom. I‘ve spent many years clinging to lies that have left me feeling small and unlovable by God. But, just because I believed lies, doesn’t mean I have to continue. I know I’m not the only one living tangled up in the false identity of lies, I believe that once we start believing truth, those lies lose their power. You can live in freedom. This is just one of the many lessons from Battle Ready. This book is packed with tools to help you live victoriously in various areas of daily life through walking with Christ. 

I believe Battle Ready can help transform your mind in truth and help you walk in freedom. You will walk in freedom, because the truth will set you free. No more believing partial truths, because you are made for living in freedom. Embrace where you are at and take what you need from this book, that’s the best way to use it, and the other resources Kelly has provided. 

This would make a great Bible study, book club, or personal study book for every woman in your life. It was a heavy read, but it was also rich in application and further growth beyond the moment.

Battle Ready is available today!

- Hannah  

* I was given a copy of this book for free as apart of Kelly’s launch team in exchange for my honest review.
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