A Light So Lovely: Review

A Wrinkle In Time was and still is one of my favorite books. I remember when it was assigned to me in the 5th grade, I was nervous about it but like many readers who have gone before me, I quickly fell in love with Meg. Madeleine is the master mind behind that beautiful book along with dozens of others that have encouraged and inspired minds for generations.  A Light So Lovely is a look at not only her spiritual legacy but also who this woman was and still is to many who enjoy her books today. Sarah Arthur took on the daunting and exciting task of interviewing Madeleine’s family and friends, those who got to meet her personally and were impacted by both her spirit and by reading her words. A Light So Lovely is laid out the way Madeleine viewed life, she was not an either/or lady, but a both/and believer in the depth and dynamic of this world and the One who is over all. From discussion on “Sacred and Secular” to “Fact and Fiction” this book is a beautiful picture of not only Madeleine L’Engle the author, but Madeleine the woman and life explorer. 

I love reading books about the real-life influencers that have rocked my world as well as the generations before me and the generations to come. Fiction will always have a sweet place in my heart, but profiles and biographies take me deeper into the human experience. Madeleine had a gift for bringing both the imaginary and reality together and making them into something extraordinary when it comes to human dynamics and the realities of good and evil in this world. It what makes her fiction iconic and her non-fiction relatable. Sarah, through interviews with Madeleine’s family and friends tells us that fact and fiction were hard for Madeleine to separate, but regardless she had a way of capturing human emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed diving into her spiritual legacy and being encouraged in my own spiritual journey. I am also motivated to read more of Madeleine’s work. Sarah honored Madeleine well in the writing and creation of this precious book that will sit proudly alongside my copies of A Wrinkle In Time and Walking On Water

A Light So Lovely is for anyone wanting to know Madeleine more or meet her for the first time and for anyone desiring to be challenged and empowered in their faith and craft. 

- Hannah

I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.