Broken In Way: A Poem

You surprised me.
I didn’t think you would respond.
Maybe I was wrong,
I am swallowing crow.

We all have more in common than we think, we believe.
Maybe my brokenness isn’t alone in the field.
Maybe it has had neighbors all along.
I am not alone in this this, I never was.

It is painful to realize the truth.
I was, I am, I have been in my own way.
Maybe I had friends after all,
Maybe they would have cared.

Brokenness looks like too much, and honestly, it is.
It is a lot to be cut open,
Life blood pouring out till bone dry.
Brokenness lies in its relatability.

Today I took a chance on you,
I made a move
Not for what I would get in return, but, because you were on my heart. 
Turns out you are broken too. 

- Hannah