Fiction Week: Holmes and Watson Adventures

After reading the first Charlotte Holmes novel, I had to order the other two that are available. I am hooked on this series. The third book has been my favorite so far and I am excited for the fourth to come in 2019. Happy Reading!

These books are rated PG-13, for drug use and language.

Book 2: The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

In the wake of their last mystery Charlotte and Jamie, Holmes and Watson, are off to spend the winter holiday together. Spending half the time at Jamie’s and the rest of the time with the Holmes’s. But,   things do not stay calm for long as Lucian Moriarty is still a free man. Holmes’s mom is poisoned, her uncle is missing, and August is back in the picture. Charlotte and Jamie are on the case, but are they on the same side? What lengths will Charlotte go to, to get everything she wants? 

This book was not my favorite in the series. The twist at the end is so “twisted” that it was hard for me to put together the pieces of this puzzle. Charlotte is more shut off than ever and Jamie is used more as a toy than an asset. I am not a fan of friends using each other for their own personal gain, especially when they are very much aware of what they are doing. The way Charlotte keeps Jamie in the dark while putting his life in danger is not something I champion, but where this leads them both is beautiful. This is the wake up call that both of them needed to finally work together as a team. To see each other for who they truly are. The story is complex, devastatingly good, and filled with sharp turns. The ending of this book will leave you wondering how Holmes and Watson could and can ever work together again. 

Book 3: The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

It’s been one year since Holmes and Watson have seen or spoken to each other. There is a person that wants the drought to end and for Charlotte and Jamie to be reunited again, but for one reason; death. Charlotte has been on the lamb for a year, no family or friends, trying to find answers; trying to set everything right again. Back at boarding school Jamie has been trying his hardest to redeem the previous year. Jamie has a girlfriend, rugby, and someone trying to sabotage his chances of getting into his dream college. The cards falling bring Charlotte and Jamie closer together, with two guns loaded and a Moriarty in between. Will Charlotte and Jamie survive another round? 

This is my favorite book in the series so far. Unlike the previous adventures, that have been in Jamie’s voice, this book goes back and forth between Charlotte and Jamie. The reader gets to see what is going on in Charlotte’s head for the first time. I grew to appreciate Charlotte and empathize with her life and her “whys”.  This is also the first book where both characters as individuals are growing and becoming apart for each other and in spite of the other. The story of Holmes and Watson continues, this one had me on the edge of my seat and was my fastest read in the entire series. The ending is the best part, a great set up for book four coming in 2019.

- Hannah