Imperfect Courage: Review

Happy Book Birthday to Imperfect Courage!! Get your copy today!

Jessica Honegger is the founder of Noonday Collection, a fair-trade jewelry company that supports and empowers artisans all over the world as well as local entrepreneurs in the US called ambassadors. This book is part Jessica and Noonday’s story and part battle cry to us to live courageously. We are messy people and life is messy. Jessica did not know that her efforts to raise money for the adoption of her son would turn into a thriving company. How could she? She just took one step and then the next. Before she knew it, she was starting a company to help women all over the world connect to each other through fashion, sisterhood, and courage. Imperfect Courage is a call to live life, to leave comfort behind and go scared towards our purpose, community, and the world. 

I was actually a Noonday ambassador during one of the hardest transitions of Noonday’s history that Jess talks about in the book. I ended up leaving Noonday, to focus more on school, but it is still my favorite jewelry company out there today. Outside of the fair-trade aspect, the design is on point and keeps the everyday woman in mind; they are timeless, beautiful, and fun. Outside of my personal connection, I enjoyed getting to know Jessica more through these pages. This book is a battle cry for women to go scared, to try the things, go to the places, open your arms up wide and welcome in everyone, and live your life like it is the only one you have; because it is. I think you will enjoy not only learning more about Noonday, but being championed by Jessica through her story and passion to see women come together in sisterhood and cheer each other on. Imperfect Courage is messy, but it is worth every bit of it, because that is what a life that is lived is all about. Jessica’s story will leave you empowered, inspired, crying from laughing, and ready to go and do. 

I highly recommend this book for your next book club with your sister friends, or if you are craving a life pep talk. This is the book for you. I needed it.

- Hannah