Bling Bling Discovery

For many years I lived to meet expectations. The lines became blurred between my and other’s desires and God’s hope for me. I grew up in church. I grew up in a believing home. I was a church ministry kid, I guess I still am. My parents have been involved in serving the church for years in multiple capacities that have shifted with the seasons and personal growth. My own serving and participation has ebbed and flowed as well. I have a tender place in my heart for church.  It is a unique relationship. Us. Others. Jesus. It can also be a paralyzing relationship as Jesus becomes less and other personal tweets and viewpoints become louder than the Truth that set me free. 

Self-discovery. It is used in relation to singleness a lot and it is a great season to spend on yourself, because you do not have someone else you are having to think about. But rarely is that true. I have friends and family I care about deeply. I have expectations flying all around me. I am not alone or without responsibility. Having people and responsibility in your life does not make self-discovery an “impossible” pursuit.

Personal growth and understanding who you are is a life long journey, because we are continually growing and being transformed through Christ. While singleness is a great season to really dive into your faith for yourself and figure out your likes and dislikes, learning about yourself does not start and stop here. It keeps going. And knowing yourself and God better does not mean you are going to have an easier time in a relationship or even marriage. Life is hard and you are going to continue to grow in your faith and yourself as every year goes by with or without a partner by your side. 

Knowing what you believe, like, love, and dislike in life is not a journey to go on for the benefit of others, but for yourself. Cutting through the expectations and thoughts of others helps us to figure out where we stand on issues and personal preferences in life. Hopefully you have friends and family in your life who celebrate all the unique ways you are you; who do not fight against your taste in food, bands, books, and where you are in your faith, but encourage you to keep going and being you. 

Self-discovery and knowing what you truly believe, like, and dislike is a forever journey that just happens to correspond with the “start” of singleness, because of age. But, there is no right or wrong time to start diving in and asking yourself what you truly believe versus what you have accepted because you do not want to offend your friends or to fit in a mold. 

Keep getting to know yourself, wherever you are on your journey. Keep trying new things and considering faith and life for yourself; that is how you will grow and continue to be you in all the wonderful ways God made you; in all the twists and turns of your journey. 

I think of the Proverbs 31 woman in all her varied interests and loves in her life. She was multifaceted, complex in her unique God design. So are you. Lets find out more about ourselves for the sake of embracing ourselves instead of for someone else. 

Let’s dig into our faith to know God more, for the sake of our relationship with Him, instead of for the sake of getting something or someone in return. 

Singleness is a great place in life to start diving in to who you are and what you believe, but it should never stop when you get some bling bling. 

- Hannah