Free As A Bird

Freedom is an odd thing in this world. The United States is a “free country”, though differences of opinion and belief are often seen as hindrances, instead of reasons to celebrate and embrace our freedom. We are all unique and we all believe differently. I may not agree with someone else, but I am learning to embrace those differences, because from my point of view differences do not separate us; they help us grow if we allow them too. They are not opportunities for us to diminish others, but to see the depth of this world. Freedom is often fought against, not for, in this world. We either want our way or the highway, all in the name of “freedom”. 

Freedom is complicated and just because I am single does not mean I am “extra free” or freer than my married and parenting friends. 

Having time for yourself and prioritizing what you would like to accomplish is a journey for everyone. Single, married, or parenting. I can see where my married friends are coming from, because now they are having to consider dynamics they did not have to think about before; another person. 

It is true, I do not have to think about someone else when I am scheduling trips or consider buying a pair of shoes. In that sense I am “freer”. But even then those examples are superficial in the grand scheme of things. I have responsibilities too. Just because I do not have a husband and a family does not mean I am free to do and go wherever I want when I want to. 

I am horrible at prioritizing myself over the responsibilities I have in life. I am a workaholic. I am a perfectionist. I love a great vacation or just having fun, but I am horrible at prioritizing it. But, because I am single I am supposedly living it up according to my married friends. I have responsibilities too and I have a hard time walking away from them. 

We are all free, but are we willing to embrace it. Are we wiling to make time for ourselves, to do what we love? It is a question all of us need to ask, no matter what season we are in. We all have things that take priority and should, because they are important, but they are not the most important thing. 

We need time with our friends. We need time with our families. We need time for ourselves away from the crazy, to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves to that pair of shoes, a new outfit, a weekend away, a bubble bath, whatever it is for you. Go do it. Plan it and prioritize it, because you are free; whether you have to discuss with your spouse or you are single and needing to have a good old sit down with yourself. Take time to have that discussion, because you are free and need to take time to do what you love and invest in you. 

Freedom is a crazy debate and honestly it needs to stop being apart of the discussion when it comes to singleness, because we are all in the same boat. Going, doing, and being is on the table for all of us, but we all need to be willing to take advantage of it in whatever season we are in. Freedom is not measured by the lack of personal ties we have in love and life, it is given to all of us in Christ. 

- Hannah