Hopelessly Devoted

God has someone for you and right now you just need to focus on becoming a godly woman. 

It sounds cute and in the right context and tone of voice could even be comforting. 

The idea that God has someone for all of us. An Adam to our Eve. A Toby to our Spencer. A Prince to our Princess. A person to do life with. A person to grow old with. The whole enchilada and then some. One million Swedish Fish to our Red M&M’s. 

There are some things I can’t shake. I know women, and men for that matter, who have never gotten married or come close to it. Does that equal them not being “godly” enough to be matched? Are they to much or not enough for love? 

Am I?

Something I have learned and have come to accept, being in my twenties and not in love, in like, and without the prospect of being so: God does not have someone for everyone. It is hard to swallow.
God does not have a “someone” for everyone. 

If I believed He did, then I would have to believe that every single person who has been or is “forever single” is not worthy of that gift in God’s eyes. They are not worthy of that love. That they are an example of what happens to you if you aren’t “devoted enough” to God. 

I do not believe that is true. 

I am not saying that you will be forever single. I do not know what God is writing in your story or mine for that matter. But, I had to come to a place a few years ago where I had to accept that God is still good, even if I do not get what I dreamed up and hoped for as a little girl and a young woman. My relationship with God is not about manipulating Him into fulfilling my dream of being married.

My desire to know Him and become, discover, enjoy, and journey with my faith is not so I can get what I want. God is not a genie or a ticket to the easy life. He saved my life, so I could live it. Not live it with a partner. Not live surrounded by all my wants. Not to live a me life, but to live my life for Him no matter what that life ends up including or not including. 

I do not know where you are on this journey, singleness and Jesus. You may be so heartsick over what has happened or has not happened yet, that you are angry and confused. You did everything “right” and you are without, what is up with that? Where is my man? Why didn’t that relationship work out? Why should I keep pursuing God if He is not going to give me what I desire? 

These questions skim the surface of what it can feel like to watch everyone else meet a guy, fall in love, get a ring, and receive an invitation without the option of a plus one, because everyone knows you are alone. Can you tell I have been there, still am in some ways, I have had those feelings and then some. 

I will say it again. 

I do not know what God has planned for you in the love story department. I don’t. But, I know without a doubt, that God has a plan for your life and He is worth pursuing, because He is equipping you for today and what is to come. No matter what comes your way, you are not doing this life alone. He is with you always. 

- Hannah