It's All Under Control: Book Review

“Our desire for control doesn’t make us freaks; it makes us human.” 
Jennifer Dukes Lee

Our plates are full of everything from our responsibilities to the things we have taken upon ourselves to do. Control is something we crave. We want to manage and do and be everything to everyone in our lives. It is exhausting, but there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the busy we have and have created for ourselves. All because we want control. Jennifer Dukes Lee knows this well from her own journey of releasing control and reclaiming the life she thought she had lost to busy and striving. It’s All Under Control is her invitation to us to overcome our anxieties; prioritize our lives to align with God’s best; find freedom through do, delegate, and dismiss; and let go of what God has not asked us to do. These pages are for every woman who has clinched fists around her days, trying to get everything right, but knows the pain of the chaos of life. We can have peace knowing that God truly has it all under control. 

Me and It’s All Under Control have an interesting relationship. A few months ago this book was offered inside one of my book blogger databases, it was up for review and I thought it sounded good. But when I went to claim it, It’s All Under Control was already claimed by those who came before me. So I let it go and did not think much of it, I would add it to my Christmas list. THEN Jennifer announced the launch team, I jumped on it and here we are. I am glad God opened the door for me to be on this launch team. It’s All Under Control has been a journey I have needed. As we speak I am over committed when it comes to launch teams, because I thought that if I did not jump on it no one else would. I see the call and my book loving heart signs up. This is just a small glimpse of the need for this message. Jennifer does a beautiful job in weaving humor, tears, and truth within these pages. I have underlined like a crazy person. I do not think I am alone in saying I have a control problem that likes to masquerade as loving well, doing my best, and being faithful. My intentions may be good, but my heart definitely needs a realignment. It’s All Under Control is a great companion on that journey to realigning your heart and mind with what is true: with God it is all under control. I highly recommend this book, it going in my permanent collection. I will be rereading this message for years to come. 

- Hannah