Learning To Dream Again

Learning To Dream Again (2).jpg

I am so glad you are here. I was born dreaming. As a little girl I would get lost in my imagination and thoughts on my future or how certain events would work out. I would picture how my birthday parties would go and hype myself up to the point of disappointment. Reality never lived up to my dreams, sometimes that was a good thing, other times it just hurt. The hurt piled on to the point that I stopped dreaming about anything, it was too painful. 

But, it was even more painful to not dream. I became a roll with the punches, a pessimistic girl with no hope or desire for the future. I lost hope. I claimed phrases like “live in the moment” and “take one day at a time”. While those are great for staying present in our current day, they should not be the way I view my life. 

Life is going to be painful with or without dreams, because in this world we will have trouble; we are going to get hurt and feel loss. 

I am learning to believe that dreaming is a good thing. It is a healthy exercise, it gets down to the vulnerable pieces of our soul and helps us set goals and take chances. 

I am learning to dream again, but it is hard. Learning new behavior after years of neglect and seasons of pain that stole hope and left a tangled web of doubt in its place; it hurts.

Maybe you feel this. Maybe you have lost your sense of wonder and desire to dream; your hope for the future. You have been there and are here with me in the struggle. 

Every day for the entire month of October we are going to learn to dream again:

To dream again we need to face the pain that stole our hope for the future.

To dream again we need to build up our wonder muscles.

To dream again we need to learn not to see disappointments as dream killers.

To dream again we need to hang on to God more than our hopes.

To dream again we must start trying.

I hope you will join me this month! 

- Hannah