This Is The Day: Review

This Is The Day, is Tim Tebow's third book. In it he challenges us to live each day in all areas of our lives with purpose. From our dreams to our relationships, each of us has the opportunity to have open eyes and hearts to what God has for us. We can choose to live in fear and let others’ commentary keep us locked away, or we can step out in boldness and do what we know we were called to. Through the whole book Tim continues to share his passion for both sports and people, encouraging us to listen to God and believe we are able, because God is. Tim knows what it means to make crazy moves to do things that do not make sense to the world, but are the very things that God has called him to. Pursuing baseball over football, choosing to go into the heart of a hurricane to serve, staying in the Philippines longer to be with family, these moves are scrutinized by people sometimes, but Tim keeps going forward. This Is The Day is a challenge to fight to hear the voice of God, to live in purpose, on purpose, to see others above ourselves, and try and try again. Keep going friend, This Is The Day

I am not a huge sports fan, but like many I have heard of Tim Tebow. Doing the Tebow was a huge fad in my youth group. Everyone is a fan and proud of his commitment to faith and not bowing to the pressures to hide what he believes to be successful. I think he is doing just fine on the “success” thing. If you have heard Tim speak you will enjoy this book, because it is written in the same way he verbally communicates. With passion and tenacity this book was easy to read, but extremely challenging. I enjoyed this book. This Is The Day was not what I was expecting in a good way. If you are Tebow fan you will love this book. If you have never read anything or heard of Tim Tebow, I think you will enjoy the challenges within these pages. A great book club read and gift for the Tebow fans in your life. 

- Hannah 

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review.