Day 2: White as Silence, Red as Song: Review

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White as Silence, Red as Song by Alessandro D’Avenia

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Sixteen-year-old Leo spends his time texting, polishing his soccer moves, and hanging out with Niko and Silvia. Everything is going good, until a new teacher comes to town and challenges Leo to give a voice to all of his dreams. Leo is inspired to win over the red-headed beauty Beatrice. The thing is, she doesn’t know Leo even exists. Even so, Leo is convinced that his dream of loving Beatrice will come true. When Leo lands in the hospital and finds out that Beatrice is admitted there too, his mission to be there for her in the thick and thin will take him on an exciting but heartbreaking journey. He wants to help her, to love her, but he doesn’t quite know how to accomplish his dreams. His desire for love forces Him to grow up fast and learn what love really is. 

I was attracted to this book because it was originally written in Italian and translated to English. It was described to me as the Italian version of Fault In Our Stars. I had to jump on this. What I loved most is that this book is nothing like Fault In Our Stars, but I can see the relationship. White as Silence, Red as Song, is heartbreakingly beautiful and a true coming of age love story. The style of this book was hard for me to accept, because it is different when compared to a typical American novel. There are no chapters, but it is a seamless stream of thought from Leo. You are in his thoughts most of the time. This was a quick read and the characters are addicting. There are so many quotes to be grabbed from this book and displayed in your home. White as Silence, Red as Song was inspiring, encouraging, and charming on all levels. I highly recommend this book for the upcoming holiday breaks. It is a sweet read. 

- Hannah 

* I was given a copy of this book by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.