Day 10: Explore Your World

Explore You World

Sometimes you must leave your comfort zone. To come back into wonder I have had to take the time to wander. Get out into the world. Take it all in without distractions and an agenda other than to let whatever is going to happen, happen. There is a great big world out there, even within your own city and state. You do not have to go far to get out of your comfort zone or do something expensive to experience something new. 

I am an adventurer at heart. I love getting away and experiencing something new, but it is hard to do that within my own city. If it is not a vacation, I have a hard time tapping into my wonder. I am worried about all the things I need to be doing at home. I am worried about school, work, and my real life. It feels like exploring is possible only when I have nothing else to do. So what do we do?

Make time. Look at the calendar and find time to explore beyond your personal border. I am beginning to look at the month and find a day to explore surrounding cities. Try their food and experience their culture. Then quarterly I try to get out of the state. It isn’t a perfect system and I do not always follow it, but it is my goal, because my soul needs it to wonder again. 

Your second wonder assignment is two-fold: Look at your calendar and find days and times you can go beyond your comfort zone, you know your schedule make it happen. Then find places in your surrounding areas and places you want to go. Make a list and go enjoy the world that is before you.

- Hannah