Day 12: Exercising Hurts

Learning To Dream Again (10).jpg

Exercising hurts. Working muscles that haven’t been worked is painful. It can be a good burn, but there are moments when it just hurts like heck. You want to give up and stop trying. Maybe who I am today is all there is to me. Growth and change are not possible anymore. I am who I am. 

That my friend is not true. 

Transformation of your wonder is possible. I can encourage you until I am blue in the face or my fingers as it is right now. But, if you do not believe that you can learn to wonder again, it will not happen. If you do not believe that God can take who you are and continually do a new work in you and around you, you will not be aware and experience it. You my friend can wonder. You can dream. You can wake up from your slumber and live your life with curiously, imagination, and wonder. 

We are God’s most treasured creation. He did not give the animals dominion over the world. He did not die to save the plant’s lives. He gave us this one amazing life to live, shine, and do life and know Him. Knowing God is to wonder. Believing in Him is to learn to dream, try, and see the amazing works of His hands. 

It hurts. My dreams and desire to wonder have been closed off for many years. Sometimes I don’t want to dream. Sometimes I just want to be complacent. I do not want to do anything. I just want to be, even if that means seeing nothing come of my life. It is sad, because I know that I was created for more. I know I was given gifts, talents, and abilities; the capacity to go beyond what I see today. I know it. But, it takes working out my wonder, and it hurts when all you feel is the pain of broken dreams and expectations. 

Wonder Assignment 3: What is holding you back from daring to wonder, dream, and grow with Jesus? Journal it out. Write me if you would like at, I would love to cheer you on in your journey with Jesus and wonder. You are not alone in the aches of learning to dream again and believe what God says is true. 

- Hannah