Day 13: Your Thing

Your Thing.jpg

We know what is in our way. We know what is holding us back. Now it is time to go against it and lean into Jesus. The more we connect to our Savior we lean into his power the more we will wonder. When we go against the current of our pain and decide to heal, rise, and trust through Jesus we can do all things. We can learn to dream again. 

One of my favorite ways to go against the current of my pain is to read, write, and create. Engaging in things that bring me to live, help me dare to dream. Reading takes me places and dives into spaces that I do not have the time to explore or know that I need to go in my heart. Writing helps me to connect all the dots and process my emotions. The pages of my journal is the safest place for me to dream and wonder. Taking my brush to canvas or ink to board helps me see color. Sometimes life is dark, and color helps me remember that there is life. 

What is your thing. What do you love doing that makes you come alive? Helps you remember that the world is color and you are apart of wild life? You know what it is. I wish I could tell you what it is, but all I can do is champion you. Do it more. Do it often. Try to do it daily. This is your starting ground, becoming disciplined in what you love will help you to dream again. To wonder again. It may even help bring new life to your passion. It has for me. 

Do not be afraid of the starts and stops. Sometimes life requires us to stop. But most of the time it requires us to start and keep going. That thing you love to do, do it more. Make time for it. Fight for it, because in that discipline you will start to dream again. To wonder. To grow. To want to go further and father than you thought at the beginning. 

Wonder Assignment 4: Do your thing today. Do it. If you do not have a thing, come back tomorrow.