Day 14: His Divine

His Divine.jpg

What if you do not have “a thing”. I am a firm believer that you have a something in your life that is your thing, but you have stopped viewing it that way. You are so disciplined, and it is so second nature to you that you do not think about it. When something becomes a part of your routine it is easy for it to become dull and mundane. You have lost the wonder and joy in your thing. 

That was me and writing. I lost the joy in putting words on the page. My dream of being a writer seemed frivolous and completely out of reach. What do I have to give that isn’t already out there. Do I have what it takes to do this? Confidence as well as my joy was lost. I stopped writing publicly for over four years. I kept to my journals. I questioned it all. 

Confidence. While my joy in sharing my heart with the world wavered, so did my confidence. It is common when things shift and change, that our confidence will waver. To learn to dream again and enjoy our “things” we need confidence. We have something to offer. We have been given our things for a reason. Writing never left me, but my ability to see the importance of encouraging others had. 

Remember, you do have a “thing”, you probably even have multiple “things” if I am being completely honest. So, how do we find the whole package again? The gift, joy, and confidence. We hang out with Jesus. The joy of being with Jesus is our strength. In Him we can do all things. We have been given this time, space, and place for a purpose. God made us on purpose and with a purpose. What you have been given is for the world to experience Jesus. Do not bury your talent, because you are afraid to take a risk; to get vulnerable. 

God is going to take what he has given to you and multiply it. You may fail, fall, and burn out, but He is going to use you. Trust Him and you will see that your mundane is His divine. You will find your wonder. 

Wonder Assignment 5: You have been doing your thing. You may have stopped your thing. You have a thing. Invest in it. Today I want you to dust off the cobwebs and just do. Don’t think about it. Don’t stress about it. Trust God and go for it.

- Hannah