Day 15: Responsibilities Are Not A Hiding Place

Responsibilities Are Not A Hiding Place.jpg

Disappointments. We have talked, and I have shared some of my pain, but sometimes it is the everyday disappointments that stall out my dreams. The “small things” like being out of coffee creamer in the morning or a college paper not going as planned. When the day does not go well, I spend my time on my responsibilities instead of pursuing my dreams. There is no time for my dreams when I do something that I have more control over. 

We are not in control. Sometimes we forget to put things on the grocery list. Sometimes we work really hard just have things fizzle out. It’s apart of life. Nothing is ever going to be perfect and nothing needs to be for our dreams to come true. This is not going to be easy and it isn’t for anyone, no matter how perfect or amazing their life/career/dream may look.

It takes hard work to make good things happen. It takes hard work to believe that your dreams have merit when responsibilities are easier to pursue. 

Our responsibilities are great. It is important to take care of our homework, work, and home things. It is a part of being a grown-up and we can’t change that. But our responsibilities should not hold us back from pursuing what we are called to do. Responsibilities are not a hiding place for us to avoid our dreams or a mask to make us look like “super-woman” to the world. 

You are going to get disappointed, something is going to go wrong while pursing your dreams and during your day. It could be big, but most of the time it is small things. Do not let the small things send you into hiding. You are meant to live in the light and so are your dreams.

- Hannah