Day 19: Fierce Battle

I used to view disappointments as dream killers. If something bad happened; if something went off course; if I sinned; if a curve ball came; if anything, other than what I hoped, anticipated, and was okay with happened I thought the dream was over. The dream became too inconvenient, painful, and crazy to ever come to be. So why try?

Pursuing what we believe God has given us and going after it is not what the devil wants. We have an enemy that wants us to stay locked up and on the couch. Dreams are not part of that game plan. Hang-ups, disappointments, and sin are a part of this broken world. We are going to face these things as we move forward in pursuit of our dreams. It’s just a fact. 

We are living in a real and fierce spiritual battle. We keep trying, going, and trusting, because our dreams are not an accident. Our desires are not crazy. I believe every talent and passion has been given to us on purpose and for a purpose. God did not make us to sit and be silent. In this battle we fight for our heart, mind, and purpose. 

We fight not just for our story and hopes, but for every person that is going to be or already has been impacted by the story of our lives. There is more at stake here than us getting to see our dreams come true. Impacting people, encouraging them through what we have to offer is on the line when we want to give up. 

We keep pursuing dreams because there are people out there that need to know who Jesus is. Our disappointments are not dream killers they are the devil’s distraction, he wants to keep you down. But God wants to see you shine bright. This world needs you to keep going, no matter how big or small it looks please keep dreaming. 

- Hannah