Day 20: A For The Best "No"

Closed doors are different than the disappointments we talked about yesterday. Closed doors are obvious “nos” to your dream. But I have learned something over the years. This is a two part lesson.

Part 1:

Sometimes the no has been protection and ultimately a good thing. I do not know why “nos” happen but in hindsight I am glad some of them have taken place. I said hindsight. In the moment they are painful and when I am in pain most of the time I get cranky. All the emotions come out and I not only take them out on my family, but on God. Thankfully God is not afraid or turned off by our emotions. He wants us to be honest with him, but I think it hurts his heart when we shut him out and do not want to be with him.

That is the sour part of getting told no: blocking God out because we are hurting. It doesn’t make him leave us. We hurt ourselves when we do not let him in on our hurt and journey through it with him. As we journey and process, we start to heal. Our disappointment hopefully is replaced with more trust and faith in Jesus. Every “no” that has turned out for the best, has brought me closer to Jesus, even in my anger.

The best part of a “for the best no” is getting closer to God. Relationship wise there are some friendships and romantic relationships that God has protected me from. Opportunity wise every “no” has led to another one that was a better fit for me and my values. He has always provided for me and what I truly need and sometimes that comes from a clear and painful “no.”

I do not know where you are on this journey you may not have your hindsight yet, the ability to see all the ways you have been protected from unhealthy and ultimately painful moves. I hope you hang on to Jesus tighter than you hold on to your dreams. Because not every “no” is a locked door. “No” in one situation, can lead to a “yes” somewhere else. It doesn’t feel like it right now I know, I have been there and will be there again. But, do not lose hope love. I am rooting for you. Keep holding on, you may get a beautiful glimpse of hindsight but even if you don’t, God is not done with you even when the answer is “no.” 

- Hannah