Day 23: Beauty In The Breakdown: Review

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Julie Roberts is a soulful country music artist who also happens to have Multiple Sclerosis. In Beauty In The Breakdown Julie shares her story from childhood to country music success, including losses along the way and the diagnosis that changed her life. From paving a way for her mom to get out of her abusive marriage to finding her voice after music row rejection, Julie is no stranger to the pain and heartache of life. But, she is also familiar with the power of God and his strength in us that helps us overcome the pain of every situation. Her story is vulnerable and relatable as she shares how she has fought back every painful and hard moment in her life with her faith. Life is not always pretty and sometimes doesn’t turn out the way we hope it will but hanging on to Jesus is the only way to live. Julie learned that she could not put her hope in her talent, her family and friends, or in the industry that she loves. She shares her story of overcoming inside her Beauty In The Breakdown.

I honestly had never heard of Julie Roberts, she was well into her independent journey by the time I started listening to country music. But, today I am not only a country music fan girl but a fan of Julie. Personal stories never fail to be my favorite type of literature, because they connect. They are also the hardest for me to write, because of the vulnerability. For Julie to take the time and let us into the ups and downs of her life and in Music City is courageous and inspiring. If you are looking for a faith filled biography to read, I would highly recommend Beauty In The Breakdown. It is easy to read and filled with insight from a woman who has been through and is journeying through brokenness like the rest of us. This world is not perfect but Jesus is. We can trust Him with all the details and desires of our lives, more than any person or thing in this world that tries to disguise itself as a savior. Beauty In The Breakdown would be a great read for any music fan or anyone struggling to hang on when things get hard. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Julie’s story. I was encouraged and inspired. Beauty In The Breakdown would make a great book club pick as well.

*I received this book from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.