Day 29: It's Time To Try

To learn to dream again is one thing. But to dream again we need to try. We can each learn new skills, but unless those skills are implemented we do not actually “know” how to dream. I think learning to dream looks different for each of us. 

It has taken years for me to get in a space and frame of mind where I believe what I dream combined with my talents has any merit. It has taken years, for some it does not take that long. The time frame does not matter. All that matters is you take each day and try to:

  • Spend time with Jesus daily
  • Make time to pursue your gifts and passions daily or weekly.
  • Seek out opportunities related to your dreams.
  • Seek out wisdom from God and trusted family/friends.
  • Surrender disappointments and past events when they come up.
  • Hold on to Jesus and his word.

It is a discipline to dream. It is not easy to prioritize what keeps spinning in our mind and hearts, when our responsibilities seem so big. We each have time to daily take steps to pursue what God has given us both in our daily responsibilities and our talents, gifts, and ideas. There is time. If we can spend time in our journals writing our ideas or thinking on those ideas, we have time to take steps forward towards those dreams.

I don't know what you are dreaming, what God has given you, but I know it is for a reason. Those dreams are not a mistake. They are important and worth pursuing. Try. From daring to write your dreams down to taking steps to pursue them. Try. Please try. God is sovereign over all. He has a plan, but we also have free will to choose if we are going to participate in what he has given us or not.  If we want to just sit and not pursue we can.

But from my own years of ignoring my dreams, I know it is just as painful to sit and stew and think “what if” as it is to see dreams unfulfilled.

Dreaming is part of our relationship with God. 

- Hannah