Day 8: Ask Questions

Wonder. The imagination is a beautiful gift, but somewhere along the way it starts to drift away from us. Maybe it’s age or the amount of responsibilities we have now, or a combo of both. But whatever the reason we have lost the art of wonder. To ask big questions and dream big. I lost it and I am in process of finding it again, using my imagination and not fearing looking or sounding stupid in my questions, about faith or anything else. 

Do you remember when you were little? If you were like me you asked a lot of questions, usually starting and ending with “why.” I am still this little girl. She still exists inside of me and she asks why and wants to know how things work and who God is and why life is so hard but beautiful at the same time. I want to know what I do not understand. Therefore, I cannot rely on my own understanding, because I will most likely misunderstand and miss the truth. 

Pain should be felt and dealt with, but it should not be the lens with which we view ourselves, God, and the world around us. 

The first step in working our wonder muscles is to lay down our own understanding. What we perceive to be true from our hard circumstances is not what is true for every situation. Yes, hard things happened to us, painful tings that hurt and still can hurt badly. But, those circumstances only influence how we view people and experiences if we give them power to. We will get disappointed in life, but that does not mean every dream and experience we have will result in pain. We can’t let our experience keep blinding and keeping us away from beauty; from the wonder of our Savior and the world around us. 

We have to be willing to get down to basics again, that is where our wonder starts to bloom.

Your first wonder assignment: Make a list of questions, of wonders, and things you want to understand more of God, yourself, and the world.

- Hannah