Day 9: Preach To Yourself: Review

Preach to Yourself.jpg

The inner critic keeps showing up. Christ came to speak life, but the critic speaks louder than the truth, so much so that it becomes our truth. The critic rules our lives and becomes what we believe and live from. Looking at our Christian lives we feel lost. We believe in our minds, but the connection between mind, heart, and living it out is a tangle of truth mingled with lies that is hard to navigate. We are burned out on religion and the stream from the critic. Hayley Morgan has a charge for us to start preaching to ourselves. We can’t rely on others or on band-aids to change our minds. We have the power to change our own minds, we have the ability, but it takes discipline. It takes commitment to show up with God. Haley has taken this message and written with a vulnerability and grace, that makes this message approachable and applicable. You can Preach To Yourself by talking back with truth. 

I have read Wild and Free and have adored Always Enough, Never Too Much by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. I have been excited about Hayley’s solo book ever since I saw it pop up on Amazon. Hayley’s voice connects to me on a deeper level, beyond the point of reliability what she says is authentic and that connects to me. I know I am not the only one with the critic in my mind that talks louder than the truth I read in my Bible and hear on Sundays. I was blown away by Preach To Yourself because Hayley is bold enough to say it takes work to believe and live out what the Bible says. It is not a legalistic type work but a disciplined decision to digest it and hang on to it every day. It will never look perfect, but that is not the point. The point is transformation the continual process with the Lord of renewing our minds and it is daily and forever. I highly recommend Preach To Yourself. It has challenged me and stretched me, still processing it all, but this will be a book in my permanent collection. This would be a great book to go through with your bible study or book club. Preach To Yourself is real, challenging, and filled with grace and hope. I hope you enjoy it.

- Hannah