Remember God: Review

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Is God really kind? This is the question Annie F. Downs explores in her new book Remember God. It’s easy for Christians to talk and boast in the fact that God is in control, but when things are not going like you hoped, it’s harder to accept. For centuries people have been building temples, cathedrals, altars, and markers to God. They built these beautiful symbols to remember God and the moments they were in, in honor and love they wanted to remember that moment they believed in God’s goodness, kindness, and faithfulness to them. Because when life goes every which way and we can’t see what’s happening, we forget and it’s hard to hold onto and believe the truth. Annie reminds us to Remember God in our circumstances through sharing her own story of remembering who God is in the lows of her life. 

I was blown away by Remember God. I’m a fan of Annie’s writing, for years I’ve been uplifted by her humor and heart. Her books read like an authentic and magical over coffee conversation. I knew this book would be good, but I didn’t expect to be as impacted and rocked as I was through her story. Annie gets really vulnerable in this book and while there are some lighthearted moments, Remember God is real talk about faith and the choice we each face daily to choose him over our circumstances. It’s not easy and in fact it’s painful. His kindness rips at us and breaks us down in ways that don’t feel kind or loving at all. I’ve been there and will be there again, it’s life and it’s hard especially when you look up and it’s not what you expected or thought you’d have. The only way through is to Remember God. I’m thankful that Annie wrote this book and it’s in the world and in my world at this very moment. I needed this coffee talk from Annie and I think you’ll be encouraged by it as well. This would make a great Christmas gift, any of Annie’s books would make a great Christmas gift this season. Remember God is a beautiful and authentic book that’s built for personal and spiritual reflection and discovery. I hope this book meets you where you’re at and lifts up your heart as it has mine. 

- Hannah 

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