The Most Dramatized Time of The Year

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The calendar has turned. November is here. The holidays are upon us and like most years I hope this year will be different, even though inside it will be like the last. Family is a hard thing. I think we can all agree that we are human and therefore imperfect, so we can’t expect our families to be any different. There is drama. Somewhere there is pain, there always is. It can stem from loss, miscommunication, and differing beliefs. Or it can stem from feeling like you do not belong with the people who share your blood and last name. I have a decent sized extend family multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins. All in different stages, but some are my age. Ever since I can remember I wanted to know my family. I am an only child and growing up I lived for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I was finally connected with kids who were my family. But, the connection never happened for me and this has continued into adulthood. My extended family are strangers to me, we share much but at the same time nothing at all. 

Maybe your situation is different. Maybe the relationship is so broken down from the “he said, she said” of it all that it is just awkward to be together. Everyone tries to be on their best behavior, but there is always an elephant in the room. You are just so thankful to have survived another family gathering that you do not really care about the unspoken. 

This time of year is supposed to be one of thankfulness and joy. Laughter and memories. We come together to celebrate our blessings, our Savior, and each other after another year of life lived. But, for a lot of us this is the time we dread. We wonder if the call is going to come to make plans for Thanksgiving. We cry over the pictures of our extend families celebrating together without calling to invite us. The pictures of other families enjoying a seemingly magical holiday make us jealous of what we lack. 

The hurt is real. I know it well. But, we can’t let others, even those who are supposed to love us more than anyone, get in the way of what this time of year is about. We can’t let others’ actions, or lack of, keep us from being thankful for what we do have, including being thankful for them. Our heritage, where we come from, who we share blood with, is important. God gave us this family for a purpose, we were not placed by accident, even though it can feel that way. 

This month we are going to chat about family, because it’s not only the holidays, but it is one of the main areas the devil attacks to keep us separated and resentful towards each other. Our enemy doesn’t want to see us overcoming our pain towards them or even healing and coming into a relationship with them, because he knows that once we do we are a force of light in this dark world. 


God, I thank you for these reader friends. I do not know their family situation, but I can guess there is probably some drama somewhere. Whether it’s in our extended or immediate families, please take our bitterness, envy, and pain. We dread this time of year, but you can transform us and our circumstances. You are doing a new thing not only in us, but our families. Help us to trust you with our family members hearts and our own. We believe you can heal the brokenness that is our family tree. Thank you for every single member of my family and these friends’ families; they are dear to you, you love them so. We love you. 

- Hannah