When We Were Young: Review

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Karen Kingsbury is back again with a love story for this generation, When We Were Young. Social media plays a role in everyone’s life, but for Noah and Emily it has become their livelihood. Noah started sharing their love story on social media early on and over the years their following has continued to rise, but their picture-perfect reputation is not the reality of their situation. Their marriage is over. For Noah things have become more about the fans than his relationship with Emily and their two kids. During his last night at home, before moving to an apartment, he dreams about the future of the family he’s leaving behind. Emily can’t sleep and starts reliving their story from the beginning to see how this all came about. Can one night really change the course of their family or will they break every promise they made to each other when they were young? 

I am a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury you will continue to see her latest releases pop up on this blog, because her stories are relatable and life-changing. When We Were Young, is a love story for the modern age. There is a lot of buzz about becoming “social media famous” by publishing everything about your story online. Even if you are not “social media famous,” there is pressure to get likes, follows, and mentions. But, online is not real life. Real life is right in front of us, and it is easy to loose sight of it when everyone is on their phones. When We Were Young not only explores the dangers of misplaced time but how easy it is to forget the people right in front of our faces. We can easily forget the love from those that care about and support us in real time and to love them in return, not in social posts but in real time. If you love, love and stories that touch your heart and your mind, you will enjoy When We Were Young. It would make a great Christmas gift for any reader in your life, or if you are planning to observe the Icelandic tradition of reading on Christmas Eve, it would make a great read. I hope you enjoy! 

- Hannah