Love The Precious Gift Of Advent

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“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

God loves.

As a lifelong church kid I know this beloved verse by heart. I can say it super fast with my eyes closed and without thought. I know this passage. But do I trust that God not only loved and sent His son, but that he loves still—that His love is active, real, and present in my every day?

I can roll my eyes at John 3:16. When people confess that it is their favorite verse I snore. I go all judge mode on them because to me it is the easiest and most cliché verse to call your “favorite.” I was five when I memorized it, and it is probably the only verse that I know without a doubt. But this verse—no matter how numb I have become to it—is the gospel in one sentence.

Why is it so easy to become numb to what is true?

Because my human mind has a hard time understanding the ways of God. Because it is hard for me to believe that God sent his Son to ultimately be a sacrifice to save us from sin. How can God love and continue to love a hot mess like me who keeps on falling short while believing? Love.

It circles back to love. Because God loves. He is love. He loves in my numbness. He loves in our passion. He loves. He didn’t just love in the past, but he loves continually because he is love.

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This is how he loved. He sent his Son to us as a baby and he lived in the flesh; God with us to take the punishment for us. This is love. He loved and he continues to love by extending continual grace and forgiveness as we go through this life in flesh.

God loves us hot mess humans so much that he gave the most precious thing up for us. That is love. It is costly, perfect, and does not give up on us. This is the precious gift of Advent.

We can say it without a thought, but please give us hearts ready to receive your love.

- Hannah