What Dumplin Taught Me About Confidence

It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.png

There is something beautiful and timeless about a woman who walks with her held high and speaks her mind. She is confident in who she is, and no matter what the stereotype of the day is she is herself. But before that confidence blooms and that acceptance takes root there is a woman who only sees herself through the lens of the world. That’s Dumplin a new Netflix original movie you can stream today.

Willowdean Dickson (Dumplin) only sees herself through the beauty pageant queen lens of her mother’s world. Willa only sees all the ways she does not fit in. Curves don’t fit. Outspokenness is wrong. Being anything other than poised, talented, and skinny is not approved of through the lens of her mother’s world.

Before insecurity and doubt undermined her confidence, Willowdean had Aunt Lucy. She instilled in Willadean the importance of being who you are. The struggle of being a diamond in a rhinestone world is real—something Lucy and Dolly agreed on. When Lucy passed away, Will’s confidence in who she was faded from her life.

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Behind every confident woman is a village cheering her on and encouraging her to be herself no matter what that looks like—in spite of what the world says is acceptable. Confidence is not something that is born out of will, but from the roots of love and loyalty—whether that is from a supportive aunt or a best friend. Confidence is not an automatic even if we are a size two beauty queen. Confidence is cultivated over time by love and a desire to be the best version of yourself.

Confidence comes from faith—belief that what is unseen will come to be. Our situations will shift just as our waistlines, but Jesus will never move. He is loyal, devoted, and continually empowering us to walk confidently in truth and love.

Dumplin is available to stream today on Netflix. A perfect girls’ night movie; it has everything: positive message, laughter, tears, and romance.

- Hannah