What Shawn Mendes Taught Me About Nerves

What Shawn Mendes Taught Me.png

When I heard “Nervous” by Shawn Mendes my jaw dropped in the best most amazing way.

It is possible to be nervous and have insecurities while being equally as confident and proud of yourself. The lyrics point to being stressed, excited, and nervous about talking to a potential love interest. It is nerve racking to speak to someone you do not think you have a shot with or are good enough for while not knowing what to expect from the encounter. Rejection or acceptance? Oh! the anxiety of it all.

The tone of the song is what got to me. The instrumentation supporting the lyric is prideful—it is a little bit cocky. Is it possible for anxiety butterflies and pride to exist at the same moment inside the same person?


We are both/and not either/or. God did not make static—we are dynamic—and we can absolutely be both nervous and confident at the same time. The existence of confidence doesn’t mean there is an absence of nervousness and vice versa. You can be like me and struggle with anxiety, but be extremely confident in who you are and what you are called to do.

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Whether we are about to talk to someone we like or turn in a big paper, we can be confident in who we are but at the same time experience nervousness. It is not a sign of weakness to be stressed, nervous, and restless. We are human, and every ounce of pride and anxiety we feel is a reminder that we cannot do any of what we do on our own.

We need God to make it through taking that step towards the person we are crushing on or to surrender what we have created to the authorities in control. We can be a little bit nervous and stressed out and still know without a doubt that He is lighting up our path and everything will work out for ultimate good.

You can stream Shawn’s latest self-titled album on Spotify or wherever you stream.

- Hannah