Flower Moon

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Tally Jo and Tempest Trimbel are mirror twins, so alike that they’re almost the same person. Inseparable, yet even more than that they are connected. But this summer everything is changing. The twins are traveling with Pa Charlie’s carnival just like every summer, but Tempest is caught up in her inventions. There is no room for Tally Jo. But what’s worse is that Tally is noticing and feeling a force coming between them. It’s linked to the growing moon and it’s wild and dangerous. With the full moon approaching and the force getting stronger, Tally knows it’s up to her to find out what’s going on and beat it before they are separated forever.

I love some mystic with my sweet as honey stories; Flower Moon is just what I needed. It examines a range of topics including sisterhood, the pains of growing apart, and learning that love is best experienced by letting go. Flower Moon was written for readers that are in-between young reader and  young adult. It is a quick read, but is a powerful one that is prefect for those seasons when you are busy and can’t handle a big book in the moment. If you enjoy some mystic with your story, I highly recommend Flower Moon. It would make a great gift for any preteen or young teen in your life.