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Jim and Elisabeth Elliot have a beautiful missionary story that has been written, shared, and admired for years. But, for the first time their love story is being told through their personal letters and journals with the assistance of their daughter Valerie. Spanning years of communication, longing, and devotion to Christ their love story is one of great reliance on God alone. This book holds brand new content and personal letters and journals that have never been shared before. Along the way you will be joined by wise insights from their daughter as she shares the impact their love has had on her and how it continues to inspire her daily.


I didn’t know what to expect from Devotedly. I have heard bits and pieces of Jim and Elisabeth’s story over the years; through her books, of course, I knew about their deep love for going to the ends of the earth and the great sacrifice of Jim’s life. Their story as I knew it before was incredibly beautiful and a great testimony of following God to the ends of the earth. This book changed my mind; their love story is not just a beautiful testimony, but it is perfectly imperfect. Elisabeth wrote many books in her lifetime and has one more that is releasing after her passing; what an incredible feat. But I got to know Elisabeth and Jim even better through these letters; their devotion to Christ was everything. Their desire to follow his direction is what I desire in my life, not just my love life, and that is beautifully illustrated in their letters and journals. I could gush for ages about Devotedly, but I hope you will check this book out for yourself and be encouraged to desire God’s will before anything and anyone else. His plan and story for us is way better than anything we could write for ourselves. May we trust him and desire him Devotedly above all else.

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Valerie Elliot Shepard was only ten months old in January 1956 when her father, Jim Elliot, was killed, and then spent her childhood through age eight in Ecuador alongside her mother. A graduate of Wheaton College, Valerie and her husband, Walt, are the parents of eight children. She is also the author of a children’s book (Pilipinto’s Happiness) containing memories of her Amazon upbringing.