CinderGirl Cover

Growing up Christina rarely heard her own name. Today she’s here to help you claim the inherent worth that is yours. Born into a large working-class family in upstate New York, she endured years of abuse before entering the foster care system as a teenager. She lived in her car for almost a year, working three jobs to survive. As she read her Bible in her car every day, Christina had no idea that in just a few years she would be crowned Ms. California. No idea her suffering would help others find healing. She did know that she was destined for more and she would not give up. CinderGirl is her story of determination to overcome hardship in order to help others know they are not alone and that they can achieve anything they dream.

CinderGirl, has been sitting on my table for several weeks. I had no idea that once I started I would not be able to put this book down or would be impacted so deeply by Christina’s story. The story of her childhood and abuse will break your heart, but her hope and determination to rise above it and live a life run by God’s love and not a victim mentality is inspiring. She has taken her story and used it as a catalyst for changing and bringing awareness to the foster care and sexual abuse community. I know the pain of sexual abuse and harassment. I know the pain of being ignored by those who were supposed to care for me. I know the pain of repressing my tears and being an “ice queen” to survive each day. Christina reminded me through her story that each day I have a choice and that healing is painful and worth pursuing. Because this life is not about me, but you. It’s about loving you and reminding you that you are not alone in your pain and there is hope. This is a beautiful story of redemption, grace, and overcoming through Christ. I highly recommend Christina’s story. CinderGirl is a story worth hearing; it will change you.

I received this CinderGirl for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.