The Book Of Comforts

The Book of Comforts

Times of grief, loss, and pain are real and unavoidable parts of the human experience. Often, they leave us wondering where God is in it all. Does He see us? Does He hear us? Does He care about this? Where is the hope? What does the comfort of God really look like? How does a Christian respond when life doesn’t feel like good news? The Book of Comforts reminds us that in times of pain, Scripture invites us to lift our eyes—because our help comes from the Lord. It uses Scripture, essays, art, and photography to stand in the gap between suffering and hope, pointing to the abounding comfort that is found in Christ.

I wish this book had been around 8 years ago, but I’m grateful that it is here today. When we are in pain, our people don’t always know how to answer the questions and care for the tears that fall. It’s natural, because we weren’t meant to fix the pain or take it away, but God can do something better than fix it. He can comfort us while He transforms the pain. Grief hits at odd times; lately, I’ve been missing my Nana more that usual. It’s been eight years but lately, it feels like yesterday. Sadness comes in waves, and if I’ve learned anything about God at all, I know that He wants all of me. He doesn’t want me to stuff my tears or hide away my feelings. He is the God of comfort that can handle it all and wants to us to let him wrap us up in love, peace, and hope when we have lost hope. We don’t have to be afraid of comfort. His comfort doesn’t want us to gloss over, hide, cover up, and rush through our sadness, but come alongside of us and comfort us through the darkness. If you are walking through a time of suffering and are in need of comfort and hope, I encourage you to pick up The Book of Comforts. It would also make an excellent gift for a friend who is struggling.

I received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.